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SELLER's & PayPal

Post by k1ri » Sun May 08, 2016 3:00 pm

I am wondering what is a seller's mind when they will not accept PayPal money. Anyone who expects me to send them checks or MO in trust they ship the product as advertised but has no trust in my money via PayPal leads me to believe I should have not trust in them. Don't want my PayPal money that I want to protect from fraud then that is OK by me because I CANNOT NOT TRUST YOU TO DELIVER on your end. In over 30 years of hoss-trading someone who will not accept guaranteed money has something to hide. Sellers who want my money in their pocket before shipping please don't waste your time and mine by replying to request to buy what you are selling.

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Re: SELLER's & PayPal

Post by k9ike » Mon May 09, 2016 1:25 pm

I've had 3 bad experiences from sellers so I can relate to what you say.
And what really takes the cake is these characters tried to rip me off, and
when they couldn't they had the absolute gall to leave negative feedback as
if I had done something wrong! Fortunately to date there there is nothing
negative about ANYTHING I've ever sold thru this forum or any other. You
really have to watch your back. And the real killer is that one of the crooks
was a cop! Talk about losing faith!

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Re: SELLER's & PayPal

Post by k1ri » Mon May 09, 2016 2:03 pm

I like you have had bad experiences. Thanks to PayPal my money over $1000 total in items never shipped from scammers my money was refunded. Again to anyone paying with PayPal be aware of the 2 payment options. I f you select Friends/Family you will not have any chance of getting a refund. Always select the buying goods and get the full support from PayPal.

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Re: SELLER's & PayPal

Post by kk9a » Tue May 10, 2016 1:39 pm

I agree. I recently saw an amp for sale and the seller would not accept PayPal, only wire transfer. We agreed on a price but I walked away from the deal because of the payment option and later bought one from someone that did accept PayPal. Yes PayPal is expensive, but it is well worth the protection and ease of use.

Two more pet peeves: On some ads I see "pictures available on request" Just put the picture in the ad! Also I do not see the point of editing a listing showing that it is sold or pending, just delete the ad.

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Re: SELLER's & PayPal

Post by N4URW » Thu May 12, 2016 11:23 am

I agree 100%. Since the scammers have increased, I only use Paypal to purchase unless that particular ham radio operator has some really good feedback on QTH. Even then, I like to use it because it is a insurance policy to where if you do not get your item, you will get your funds back plus shipping. I had a particular experience in sending $1000.00 for a HF rig and the guy that I bought it from said he would double box it and insure it. When I received the box, the radio was just thrown in it using brown paper and a little bubble wrap and not double boxed. Needless to say, the radio was damaged and when I told the seller this, he got mad and wouldn't talk to me. So I filed a claim with Paypal and Paypal had me take the radio back to the post office and turn it in for a receipt. I scanned the receipt, sent it to Paypal and Paypal refunded my money within 2 days. And now with all of the scammers out there, it is so hard to trust anyone anymore as they are getting smarter. Now they are using other peoples QSL cards and call signs to sell equipment. They are even hacking into QRZ accounts and changing the email address on the accounts. I know because someone hacked into mine. So I will only use Paypal to pay for items now. Sometimes I will even help with the fees or just pay the fees myself. Long gone ae the days that you could trust any Ham. Sad but true.
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