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Roger Martin W5LW...Great to deal with...Honest

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 5:01 pm
by W1QJ
Roger Martin W5LW was offering a couple of 8877 tubes for sale. I answered the ad and said I was interested. When buying tubes NOBODY wants to gamble and buy a tube of unknown quality, pay good money for it, and have no recourse if the tube(s) is bad right out of the box. All too often tubes are offered with no assurance to the buyer if the tube is even good. Although Roger was rather certain they were good and understood that me nor anyone else would not like to gamble, he offered me a money back guarantee AND would pay return shipping if either or both tubes were not to my satisfaction. I bought both tubes and they arrived today double boxed. The packing was absolutely wonderful. That to me is a sign of integrity all by itself. Once I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised to see two very beautiful tubes, both looked like new. But with tubes, looks isn't everything so I immediately tested both tubes in my amplifier. I am happy to say both tubes work like brand new and are full output. This is the way to do business! If somebody has a simple product like a tube, it either is good or bad. if it is good the buyer is delighted if it is bad he should be able to get his money back upon returning it. Roger made the sale very comfortable and I am more than satisfied! All too often it seems that sellers want top dollar for items which they have no knowledge of quality. I will feel very comfortable dealing with Roger again. Thank you Roger for a wonderful transaction. 73 Lou W1QJ