Great person-- Dealing with AD4C, Hector...

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Great person-- Dealing with AD4C, Hector...

Post by NK7Z » Fri Dec 04, 2015 12:57 pm

I thought I'd share my experience with AD4C here. What a wonderful person to deal with! My item arrived quickly, was well packed, and in better condition than described... There was a balun which Hector forgot to include with the tuner so he sent it along separately via USPS Priority mail.

The balun never seemed to arrive, and I contacted Hector about this... He asked that I wait a week more, and I did... The balun still had not arrived, and Hector indicated he has shipped it, and was not sure why it had not arrived... He offered to purchase a new replacement balun from Balun designs if the original balun did not arrive within another week... I was OK with this, as Hector seems a good guy... At the end of the second week, still no Balun... I sent Hector email to this effect, and then went to my PO box to check on QSL cards... In the PO box was a key from the Post Office, in the larger PO box was the balun... It has been sitting there all along.

Hector had sent the original purchase, a tuner, to my home, and the balun to my QTH address, which is a PO box... So Hector, knowing he had sent the balun, was willing to buy a new one and send it along just to keep the deal good, mind you this is a $100 balun... I got hold of Hector before he purchased a replacement balun, and all is well now... That is my book is all one can ask for in dealing with anyone... THANK YOU Hector... It was a total pleasure dealing with you, and I am so impressed at how you handled the apparent loss of an item in the mail... BTW, the tuner is working great!
73's and thanks,
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Re: Great person-- Dealing with AD4C, Hector...

Post by AD4C2015 » Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:22 pm

David, that is the way I always deal with anyone, my goal when I sell something is always to please the buyer, I will do anything to make him feel he did a good deal with me, I have been selling stuff in this wonderful site for more than 10 years and never had a bad feedback, always satisfied buyers.
Thanks for your posting and always was a pleasure to deal with you, I am glad the tuner be working fine for you.


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