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Post by AD4C2015 » Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:46 pm

Beware of :
Or from whoever be using his call sign, name and PNC bank account.
Saddly I have to say I am a recent victim of a scam from this guy.
I am going to tell how “I purchased my own scam” because of not been careful and not followed the site tips to avoy these scammers.
For ten years I have been buying and selling radios and accessories trough this wonderful site that help all of us and never came to my mind
that anyone could betray me as I have never done it to anyone neither but I guess there is always a first time for any event and this was my first one.
I was and I am still am selling or trading my backup IC-7000 for getting a FT-991 either buying it or trading it for my radio and on my AD I say I am willing to pay the difference in price so far it be decent and fare.
This individual sent me an email telling he had a like new FT-991 and he was willing to trade it for my IC7000, he asked me an amount that look to me little pricy, then after couple of emails exchange we agreed in a lower amount, then he said the deal had to be on his terms as it was I had to send him first the agreed money to his PNC bank account which he provided me together with the routing number.Then after he had my payment deposit on his bank he will ship the FT-991 and when I get here then I will ship to him my IC-7000. I agreed with his terms.(My first mistake)
After checked him up on qrz and also at the FCC data base, he was ok, so I said, so far so good.
My second mistake was to continue with this deal after he never gave me his phone number in spite of I asked for it several times on my emais.
Then I made my third mistake when I asked him If I could pay that amount using my PayPal account and he replied he used PP only for his business and had to be deposit in his PNC bank account.
Well I said, lets trust him, what could be wrong? Haha, It was very wrong. Therefor I deposit his money and at PNC bank the cashier confirmed it was a legal account and that also was his name and then that was my fourth and last mistake,to use his bank account.
He responded my last email asking if he collect his money the day before, he responded yes, I get it and he was going to pack and ship his FT-991.
That same night he sent me an email trying to soften my heart telling he was pending hip surgery and he was selling radios to collect money to afford that surgery and then he asked me IF I could post here a sell for him because he only had a cell phone to do it and he could not do it. Here I am again trusting a scammer and I don’t know why I tried to help the guy who was scamming me, but I did, yes, I tried to upload the sell of his IC-PW1 Icom amp but as soon as I tried to upload it, this page blocked my IP address because it contained the scammer data.
I was wondering why this happened and then contacted Mr Scott the sponsor and he as always responded gently telling me it happened because I was trying to upload data from a scammer something that till that moment I was not awared of so my mind moved forward and sent this guy DARYL D WILEY, K9EYX or whoever be my last email giving him 3 days to answer me telling that If he was not the scammer to clear his image calling to my cell phone or giving me his number for me to call.
You all know of course that since then I don’t have any number to call, any email answer or any contact between us.
This is now a closed case, I lost some money but it don’t concern me to lose money but yes that this guy be scamming others.
I will try to contact WHEATON, IL Police Dpt and the local FBI agency to see if we can find out the truth behind this case.
Again all has been my fault for not following the basic rules dealing with unknown guys.
Of course this is not going to stop me buying and selling stuff here because I think 99% of guys using this site are trustable.


I have saved all emails and bank information from this guy.

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