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RULES: Read this before posting in the Feedback Forum

Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2003 7:03 am
:arrow: Since there are MANY pages of Feedback listings, if you are looking to see if someone is listed here already, use the SEARCH feature to search for a particular callsign and/or name.

:arrow: When you are posting feedback, put the person's CALLSIGN, in CAPITALS, as the first word in the Subject. This makes viewing the list of callsigns in the Feedback Forum a LOT easier. Please, no DUPLICATE postings.

:arrow: Please stick to the facts. Try not to be emotional and/or say something you wish you hadn't. Do not get yourself into a liabel/slander situation.

:arrow: No vulgar language allowed.

:arrow: As of Dec 9, 2013: ONLY BUYERS AND SELLERS directly involved with a transaction can post in the Feedback Forum. Do not post replies in any Feedback Forum topic if you are not the buyer or seller in the transaction being discussed! If you believe you can help the buyer or seller, please use the Private Message system to communicate with them.

:arrow: If you have been scammed by someone pretending to be a ham, please post in the Scammer Reports forum instead.

:arrow: No off-topic postings allowed. The Feedback Forum is here to provide factual accounts of how a transaction went, between two entities. If you did not have a transaction, then please do not post feedback.