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Post by W0AKG » Sat Mar 05, 2005 8:52 pm

I Answered his last add,(I hope that it was his last.) and this was his answer and what he thinks of the Ham community.
Hay Money bags, why don't you just buy it all and make sure I don't gat back on the air anymore...........

It is people like you that made me finally give it up. Cameras are much better to deal in, those people have some real $$$$ unlike the tight ass hams... :(

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Post by W0LPQ » Mon Mar 07, 2005 2:52 pm

Have dealt with Bill many times. Never had a problem. If you keep up the lines of communication, there will be no unhappy people.


Bill, W0LPQ

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WR0T Feedback

Post by WR0T-1 » Fri Mar 11, 2005 7:54 am

Well folks, I had said some time ago that I was not going to be using QTH anymore as I was no longer doing any selling, buying or trading and that was true. Since that time I have had to make some qth modifications and I needed to sell all of the spare gear that I had.

I had even closed out the ham related email addresses except for one as several friends around the world had asked me to keep it going.

Well, I placed a couple of ads and I started getting hate mail from some of the "stay in the background boys"

Then this one guy starts posting nonsence that I was supposed to have sent to him.

I know this this guy and I wouldnt send him an email if it would save the world. I had one business deal with him where I was the buyer and he has been trying to cause me grief ever since. Check back in the arcives if you want but it is really boreing reading.

A few others have joined in with private email comments that know nothing about what happened and I really don't care.

What does bother me is when I called a dealer today to order some items on open account as I always have in the past and he refused to sell to me and asked me who I PO'd on qth?? Well, his name is deleted from my phone books.

So in closing, I have done several hundred sales and trades over 40 + years and I have never had one single complaint about me ever.

The was one guy who is a "hide in the background boy" that purchased some vintage gear from me a few years back and who is not very well versed in the radio collectable market and did cry a little bit but I never refunded his money because he did not know what he was buying.

The problem was a slight difference in the shade of cabinet paint on a couplel items of different years mfg.

All I asked was for him to have the items sent to a dealer of his choice at my expense for inspection and he refused.... So, tough stuff.

And no, I am not leaving ham radio, I am just reducing excess gear and will remain on my Extra class freq's talking to my world wide friends. No nothing against the rest of you but I am just tired of the gripes from people without a similar background as me. Elect. Eng. :D :D :evil: :twisted: :P :D

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