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W5DPP - Follows Instructions!

Post by ka7niq » Wed Jun 25, 2014 5:30 am

I just bought an ICOM 775DSP from Sammy W5DPP. He had it advertised in excellent condition, and was asking 1450 shipped and insured. I paid him 1500.00, and asked him to take it to the UPS store to be packed by them, and shipped. Sammy said he has shipped many radios and amplifiers w/o problems. But what Sammy did not know is this. Unless an item is in it's factory shipping box, shipping companies will NOT pay the claim if damage occurs, no matter how well it is packed! I learned this the hard way. The loophole is this - If the UPS Store packs it, and damage occurs, you are fully covered for 100% of the insured amount!
So, I paid Sammy 50 dollars extra to have the ICOM 775 packed by the UPS Store, and he did as I asked him to do, and paid him for.
The radio arrived today, and it is in even better shape then he claimed!

Before I bought this ICOM 775 , I almost got scammed on another ICOM 775DSP, so I insisted Sammy call me, and he did. It took all of 5 minutes to realize that Sammy is no scammer, and he is a real Ham, just like all of us.
He shipped right away, the radio is even better then he described it to be, and I feel like I made a new Ham Buddy.
The radio works flawlessly, and is very very clean, even better then described!
I would feel confident in buying from Sammy again, and he has 6 sections of ROHN 65G tower I would like to have, but freight from Texas to Florida will kill me.

I am a very very happy camper, thank you Sammy W5DPP for a beautiful radio !
Chris Tucker - Ka7niq
Owner - Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa

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