KK4MEI: bad dealings

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KK4MEI: bad dealings

Post by N4XTS » Sun Jun 08, 2014 12:57 am

Saddens me to have to do this, but I acted in good faith all the way through and gave Christopher P. Jones KK4MEI every chance, and he took me for a $342 ride.

On 5/25/2014, I responded to Chris' ad on QRZ.com (was cross posted on many sites as well) advertising a Motorola XPR3500 UHF HT. I agreed to purchase the unit for his asking price of $325 plus $16 shipping. I asked Chris how he wanted to be paid, he did not accept Paypal but insisted on either a money order or personal check. I agreed that I would send him a US Postal money order to his FCC ULS address on the following Tuesday 5/27/2014. I did just that and sent Chris a photo of the M/O, envelope and receipt. Everything seemed fine...until...

Thursday 5/29, I emailed Chris asking if the Money Order made it. He said no. The next few days, I would check with him and still nothing, so he said. Being concerned, I asked him to call me. Chris was very good about emails and phone calls, but I would come to find out later, they were all deliberate deceptions. On Sunday, June 1st Chris called me and told me a tale of his "neighbor" getting his mail by mistake. He also claims this "neighbor" who is also a fireman in town personally took my money order to the post office to be returned to me. He claims this took place on previous Thursday or Friday but wasn't sure. When I asked him for this "neighbors" name and address, Chris said he "didn't know him by name, only by sight".

So that Monday I called Chris' postmaster in Mebane, NC. After several phone calls, his postmaster had no specifics of any mail being mis-delivered by the carrier working the route. Furthermore, his postmaster explained that if mail is mis-delivered by a carrier, it is re-delivered the next day unless it is addressed wrong. Chris confirmed in a prior email that his address was correct. After sending Chris an email with this information, Chris then decides to tell another lie. He then sends me an email with this story:

Okay I just left the post office and spoke with Curd the post master. Here is what he told me. He said that it does take a little longer for returned mail to get through because it has to be hand sorted, the machines only read the the address in the send spot. So because of this it will take longer.

The letter was returned to the post office on Thursday at around 1pm on the first register on the left and was given to a black woman that works there(It's a small post office so that should be easy to track if needed)

He also said as long as the money order was not cashed you will get your money back if ti was cashed the the person that cashed it committed a felony here in NC.

In the end this is just become a big headache please let me know if you have received it back today

While I am reading his email, I call his postmaster who now knows me on a first name basis, the guy from Atlanta who is trying to track down a missing money order. What he tells me is that CHRIS himself CALLED, not visited his post office and clearly stated that CHRIS visited the post office on Thursday and instructed a clerk to "return to sender: refused. The postmaster also tells me he has no way of verifying this story, as he was not there, and "dozens of people come in here with returned mail all the time". Since Chris did not actually bother to pay for return postage and get a tracking number, there is no proof of this supposed "visit" or return attempt of my money.

Now I send Chris an email with his lies being busted and rather than fessing up to me, or even apologizing to me personally, only after I post negative feedback does he appear on P25.ca and he openly admits to defrauding me. He claims that he "double sold" the radio to another ham who he never actually had an agreement to sell anything to, and that a money order from this party just "showed up to his address listed on QRZ". He then admits to lying to me and making the entire story about missing mail up in an attempt to pacify me and buy time. (At no time did Chris EVER mention another ham had made any offers or had a deal pending in any of our emails or phone calls).

here is Chris' half-witted attempt at a public apology and new story of the week, Chris has also been banned from P25.ca as a result of his antics in this transaction and his excuses:

Originally Posted by kk4mei View Post
I am the seller of the radio and don't have a problem allowing this to be public information. I will answer any questions anyone would like to ask.
Anyhow here is the story in a nut shell I did make the mistake of double selling the radio and another person sent the money before MTS2000DES when I received MTS's money order I personally returned it to the post office on May 29th at about 1pm. I t was given to the post office worker that works on the first register from the left she wrote refused on the envelope and that was that.
today I spoke with the post master Mr Cured I believe and he told me he knows what is going on, I was told by him that refused mail takes a little longer to be returned because it has to be hand sorted. The sorting machines only look for the address in the mail to section, so the post office workers have to hand sort through a lot of return to sender mail. I asked him how long it takes he just said longer than regular mail.
I told MTS2000 that my neighbor returned the mail because I felt bad about double selling the radio and just wanted to let him be at ease knowing that the Money order was on it's way back to him and for that I apologize. I don't know how long it will take for you to receive the refused letter but it is on it's way...

The first person that said he would take the radio was very vague and did not communicate with me after asking if it was still for sale. I told him yes and a few days later he mailed me a Money order. He got my address form QRZ call sign look up. I really thought he was just another person inquiring about the radio because I hae quite a few people calling and asking about the radio.

Link to this can be found here:
http://communications.support/threads/6 ... I-bad-deal

Chris also had the audacity to respond over on QRZ, where he had posted one of the ads, and again, rather than doing anything but sticking to his as far as I can tell B.S. story about sending money orders back (which he has yet to prove to me), he gets outright defensive. What a great attitude Chris after you admit to scamming me and lying repeatedly:

http://forums.qrz.com/showthread.php?43 ... ost3185319

Chris thinks that it's "silly" that he lies and then takes money from a fellow ham with NO INTENTION of ever making good on the sale. Chris utilized deception every step of the way, yet he has the nerve to be offended? Well what do you expect Chris, you lied to me, wasted countless hours of my time, and then you don't even have the courtesy and common sense to send me my money back via traceable means?

So, in recap, here's the situation:

-I sent Chris $342 for a radio he doesn't have and admits to selling to someone else.
-I sent it when I said I would and he received it when promised.
-He denied receipt, then makes up a total bullhockey story about someone else receiving it.
-He claims he sent the payment back, yet there is NO PROOF of this and he did not opt for tracking or even return postage.
-He gets smug and arrogant when confronted about his intentional deception
-As of this writing 06/07/2014 I do not have my money back or any proof Chris actually returned the envelope he admits to receiving containing the money order
-I have acted in good faith all the way, and gave Chris every benefit of the doubt, and he has yet to demonstrate any good faith in resolving his so-called mistakes of repeated intentional deception

You can decide for yourself if you wish to conduct business with this individual. I have every single email with all his deceptions, and every phone call between us logged and recorded, as well as the postmaster who busted out his lies. In my dealings with KK4MEI, he has been nothing short of dishonorable and outright crooked.

Chris, if you really want to save face, how about showing some good faith? If you have my money order, you need to return it. By a traceable, trackable means. Sorry but you have proven that your word cannot be trusted at this point. If you have cashed the money order, then you need to send a replacement immediately by a trackable, traceable means to my address within 5 business days.

You can rest assured Chris, that what you claim is a "mistake" was an intentional act on your part, and if I do not receive what is rightfully mine, I will take action against you.
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