Beware Of: KK4SME Mike Baker

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Beware Of: KK4SME Mike Baker

Post by kf2gg » Sat Apr 26, 2014 5:10 pm


I recently sold a AL1500 amp forsale To a Mike Baker

I insured all three boxes I shipped amp and then shipped ps and tube in three seperate boxes to Mike and  packed very well.

I knew this sale was not going to work well when He first called me about the amp He stated he had a problem with someone else who he got and item from. He said a claim was put in and they never paid him the cliam check.

And He mentioned he wanted to make the al-1500 into a two holer.

So when he received items, He claimed he only got two boxes and third box which had the tube in it was not there. As I was talking to him on phone he was hooking up power supply to the amp and i asked why are you doing that? You dont have the tube. He said he just wanted to put it together and said maybe the homeless guy across the street took tube. I put in a claim and ups said all packages were scanned and left on his property and they were to his house two times. And stated all three packages were scanned and left on his property!

I was shocked UPS paid claim. Well they wanted me to get a used tube they wont pay for a new one and the amp had a used tube. So I bought a used tube and sent it out and he got it. And when I sent tube to him he wanted a new tube 1475.00 when he only paid 1800 for amp.
UPS only will pay for used which was in the amp and no more. He is very threatening.
Threatening to me and my wife cursing at her.
He says he wont accept my tube when it arrives to his house. But he did accept it.
Now he says tube don't work?? Funny I checked it and it works fine he wants a new tube.
Pays 1800 for amp and wants 1475,00 for a new tub when ups only paid me for a used tube.
Here is one of his messages:

purchased the following: An AL-1500
from you and paid for insurance and shipping.

Your email said you shipped 3 boxes, only 2 boxes arrived.
The UPS representative Mrs. Bass said that they are paying the insurance claim on the missing tube in the box.
Please scan and send me a copy the UPS insurance refund document.

You can purchase a new tube 8877 from RF Parts for $1475 and have them ship it to me directly, with insurance.
Or please send the funds $1475 paid on the insurance claim to me as a USPS money order.
If you send the funds I will procure a replacement tube on my own.
Once this is resolved I'll post a good review for you as a seller on eham, qrz, qth, etc.

Please call me to expedite the resolution asap.


Mike - KK4SME

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