KK4CWA not to be trusted (another bad experience)

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Post by rocketsci2001 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:30 pm

The reason I offered to sell you the same item, was I realized i had 2 of them 1 I owned and was commited to buy one,

I wanted the other filter I wanted to buy because I was told it was slightly different and was made for kenwood Trio by a different source than mine..

Thats why I wanted to sell the same item I was looking for.

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Post by w5vj » Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:04 pm

Sorry Sean, that logic went over my head. By the way, aren't you the same guy who used to ID yourself as "Coconut Cowboy" on the newsgroups?

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Post by rocketsci2001 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:31 pm

I was in the hospitol along time and my room mate who lived with me was an aircraft mechanic who lived with me and looked after my house while I was away and I had to evict him for making a mess of my home and doing damage to the property,

My wife was on contract to panama in a job there so I was here alone.

I started getting mail at the house and actually had people calling and emailing me for aircraft plans which I never had any and welI came to find out he used my ID,

he downloaded all kinds of aircraft plans, bought and traded aircraft plans which he copied and scanned and sold them or even gave them away online.

He ripped DVD's and bootlegged them down to the lightscribe and printed labels and boxed inserts. Sold these on the street in Atlanta.

My ID was used to get books and movies , acess to music download sites and other download sites. he even a charge account.

I do not trust mp3 files or movies to be free of viruses and well I find it easier to wait a few weeks or months and buy it in the $3 bin at wal mart or big lots.

besides those things are copyrighted and I support full copyright protection.

As for homebuilt aircraft plans I think they are a deathtrap, better to buy a used cessna.

Cost me over 2 grand just to straighten things out and finally after some legal manuevers I was reimbursed and the accounts was paid by my ex room mate.

We came to an out of court settlement and he escaped jail, I however had almost 9 more months before the fallout died down.

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Post by rocketsci2001 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:46 pm

To make things plain,

My ex roomate is now sitting at home with brain cancer and taking pain pills and staying drunk all day long and cannot leave the house due to his illness and behavior.

He has had several run ins with the law since then and well he is getting what he deserved,

I know all this because he did several other people we knew of from school the same way he did me,

he would move in a a paying boarder and then stop paying, bring over his critters and pets and then his women and then he would eat up all the groceries and then waste his money on computers, wine, women and song.

he would get drunk and play music loud until the wee hours of the morning , so loud I could not stay in my own home, I got really ill from a medical condition and went to the hospitol.

back to my roomate

Then he would steal your identity using anything he could find laying around the house, open your wallet while you were sleeping if you left it on the table and even intercept your mail.

he was even a trash digger and dumpster diver.

mainly he was able to make himself an identity off of me was my VA and Social Security came to my house while I was gone and my mother was supposed to pick it up but she said nothing never came.

I found a box full of my opened papers in the back corner of the closet after i evicted him . each with my name adress, telephone number, social security number, my mothers information as she was my trustee while my wife was gone to panama to work

Yes he made himself a life with my ID and my internet connection and left me with a mess

but as i said he is now basically a vegetable.

no good deeds go unrewarded, same for bad ones.
Now he sits in a wheelchair all alone and zoned out.

He was however a good person in chool until he started drinking and smoking things other than tabaco in 10th grade.

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Post by w5vj » Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:55 pm

Oh, Ok. Well I was looking at Google and came on this link.


I read it from the very top and didn't quit until I got to the very bottom.
I'm sure you can understand the similarities. This person was also always misunderstood.

Sorry for the mistake

73 and stay well.


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Follow up from Justin A. from Tuscon

Post by tsjacobs » Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:02 pm

Justin reported that he has not received even a postal tracking number for the NC-183 speaker and spares promised with the original deal.

Thought of the day: INSANITY is replicating the same mistakes over and over and hoping for a better outcome...

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Post by rocketsci2001 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:34 pm

No I have not mailed justins speaker,

I just got it wrapped and boxed, ready to ship.

But first I want him to admit he was too cheap to pay for the crate, that he arranged for Fed Ex and since he did so he is liable for the damages and that he collected far more insurance than it was worth,

So I am just going to send his speaker.

the insurance paid him enough to buy another nc183 or have that one fixed.

I was going to send him the parts too for free but since he is so quick to react and all of you to quick to judge based off of someone elses word.

Here we have innocent until proven guilty and that means both sides of the story are heard but my side was not heard until everyone cried foul and started pointing fingers.

you all should have asked me first and then took sides, not go on someones word alone and not see if the story is wrong, incorrect in facts or a malicious.

If he wants the parts then he needs to man up and say he did not want the crate and that he told fedex to pickup and ship his radio his way.

Once that is done i will be happy to send him anything else he needs to fix his radio

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Post by rocketsci2001 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:42 pm

I do not even know george nor do i fly nor do i even work on VW's

I used rocketsci since i was in college in 1994 as my email adress.

My friend Payel Patel chose it for me. we built model rockets loaded with eggs in college physics class as a class project, she was my partner.

coconut cowboy was my friends email name that he used everywhere to do whatever he was doing.

This guy was also known as dreamweaver.

the name coconut cowboy came from a college houseband that my friend went to that college. they were known as the coconutcowboys.

He got in trouble for soiling their namesake.

I have had to change my adress to a po box then i had to move in 2004 as He still used my adress, then move again in 2006 after the ID theft was cleaned up when i got this housebuilt with my pension.

I have a lock on all my personal data and give very little out these days and burn my documents in the mail after shredding them to prevent ID theft.

I can further explain if you like.

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Post by w5vj » Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:53 pm

Don't worry Sean, everyone believes you.

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Post by rocketsci2001 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:00 pm


things happen like that to people.

what my friend did was wrong and he knew it.

he was a vw mechanic and heard vw motors was used on airplanes of an experimental nature and being a mechanic proceeded to study up on it and then copied everything he knew to a group, a website and even offered a cdrom with other peoples vw engine ideas for sale on ebay.

being a drunk he was always running a scam I later found out as an income until he finally got SSI in 2007.

mostly bootlegging.

One guy really wanted to come from Canada to give him a good one.

When I came home from the hospitol i had people kncoking on my door because they traced to IP to my internet dsl account as my friend had a cat 5 cable in his room attached to my router..

it's unfortunate but when you come from nothing and cast off the dreggs around you and try to make something of yourself that you find yourself a victim of fraud.

like my friend did me, and he did my other friends who tried to help him.

I came home from the Navy got married, went to college and worked until 2001 when i started drawing SSi then i finally got my social security and in 2005/2006 I got my 100% disability award going back several years in back pay from the VA. I bought a sensible buick century new off the lots and paid $80k down on my new home and bought 8 acres of land for antennas and farming.

I have enough money to live and be happy, i have a nice home on a nice peice of land.

I share what i got with my family and friends who are not ike my old ones i left behind as they are now mostly derilicts and drunks and drug addicts.

I never drank nor did drugs and when they started I had 2 choice or actually 3, party with them, and waste my life , or work 10 hour shifts and get cotton lung and low wages or go to the military and get an education, alife and freedom.

I chose the military.

best thing I ever did.

I came home ill with honorable discharge.

opened doors for me to go to college it did and allowed me to get along in life, now my son is using my benefits to go to college too, I am proud of him. he is a hard worker and wants to be a ham too.

as for my friend I felt sorry for my friend and let him stay in our guest part of the house we rented. he made a mess of his and my life, mostly while I was an in patient at the hospitol.

As for my friend I can say that there are some people there is no help for.

Nothing else to say.

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Post by w5vj » Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:11 pm

Well Sean, that's certainly a success story to be proud of.

Just a suggestion, but as much grief as you're having to endure due to posting on QTH, and as many enemies as you have made, maybe you should just consider the possibility of moving to another sales venue?


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Post by W4LTD » Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:48 pm

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Post by rocketsci2001 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:20 pm

Not just the land but on the house materials and the cost of land clearing and site preperation and putting in underground power and a well and septic tank.

and the zoning and permits

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Post by rocketsci2001 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:33 pm

zestimate has gotten it wrong.

since the house was built it has...

there is a full basement with storm room with mre's camping gear table and chairs and tents and bunk beds,

a video projection movie room ( HiDef) with dolby 7.1 surround sound with 2 subwoofers and 3 tier seating in dual recliners, 3 row seats in back with individual recline, stadium style setting.

a game room with pool table and fusball, 6 arcade games, 2 pinball, 1 jukebox.
and an electronics room with full service workbench.

upstairs there is 1 bathroom, office, study, hallway and sitting area and 4 bedrooms upstairs in addition to what they have listed.

main floor is a 2 car garage, 4 bedrooms 2and 1/2 baths, livingroom, diningroom, kitchen, family room/den with fireplace and big screen tv and bluray and hi def satelite and over the air programming.

and then my library room and a hamshack room.

and full heating and air and 2 service lines and switchboxes in the house with 400 amp service.

my shack has 100 amps going to it alone with 220 service in that room

outside is my 24 by 40 foot shop building with tables, several big desk, work benchs, with ceiling fans and heating and air. bathroom and 200 amp 220 service.
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Post by rocketsci2001 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:37 pm

funny zestimate is showing the neighbors house on their website, their adress is 268 midway rd, mine is past the wooded lot and is 288 midway rd


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Post by rocketsci2001 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:00 pm


thanks for removing that information.
I have no ill feelings about it.


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Post by rocketsci2001 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:04 pm

You are right, I have 2 sports cars and a land rover to sell.

I just have the dx60 set and the 2 ts430 sets to sell and i am all sold out.

going back to cars where you see what you get up front when you testdrive it.

I have no ill will to anyone here really,

a wise man and patriot once said" Sir I disagree with what you say, but I shall defend to my death, your right to say it"

I follow that creed even today.

yes cars, test drive, buy it or not and and no shipping to worry about :)

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Post by mike15601 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:01 am

This thread is absolutely hilarious.

You seek sympathy in an earlier post claiming to being "broke"... and now you boast about owning a Range Rover, having a 7.1 surround sound theater in your house, claim to be very financially well off, etc.

So what do you actually want us to believe? I know what I believe about you... but I dare not put it to words here.

Thank goodness you've ran out of radio equipment to sell and are moving on. You can't possibly realize how much you're helping buyers here by doing that.

Quit giving excuses and fulfill your obligations!

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Post by rocketsci2001 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:44 am

I am broke because I do own all this.

I had to save, buy, bargain, finance/ rent to own, look on craigslist for good deals to get what I have.

the range rover is a 1995 model with 182,000 miles, needs paint , just recovered the seats. just did a top end overhaul.

the 2 sports cars are a 1989 bmw 325i same thing but 140,000 miles plus has a new automatic transmission rebuilt head due to noisy lifters and is a 4 door. needs paint and 1 tailight, battery and alternator.

the other is a 1987 mustang LX convertible with a built fuel injected 2.5L engine and rebuilt A4LD transmission with Lightweight Kframe and coil over front suspension system for racing, alloy drive shaft, subframe coonectors and saleen roll bar and built 8.8 rear end on coilover shocks and chromoly leightweight rear suspension bits.

go online and look up the value.

I have about $4000 in each car to date. plus purchase price which was at auction less than $700 each. i worked in trade in an engine shop for good used and new parts to fix these vehicle, I made no money, just parts and use of the machines.

traded tractor work for labor to help install the parts.

took 4 years of saving to get these projects to their current state, many months of scrounging salvage yards and craigslist and saving to get them to where they are now.

the mustang has new convertible top,needs paint, front bumper cover, tailights and headlights and seat covers to finish the interior and the ac system rebuilt.

I have owned these cars for a long time, too many projects.

The shop building i bought with my back pension for $3000 at auction when plus $3000 to deliver and setup and $2000 to block and skirt it.

I had to do the site prep myself with hand tools and a ford 8n tractor which has been in the family since 1952.

they sold off old double wide classrooms, thats where i got it.
took me months to repair it myself and get it up and operational.
traded more tractor work for a carpenter friend to come and help me repair my building and cool seal the roof and paint it.

he even scrounged the paint for me and his friend helped me repair and recharge the heatpump system on the building and make the wiring ready for ga power to connect to it.

they have more to sell this year as a matter of fact. but i cannot afford one nor need one.

when you draw about $3500 per month, pay $1600 per month on the house, pay the utilites, taxes, insurance, groceries and gas to and from the VA and medicines that VA does not cover, take care of a wife and son and grandaughter in kindergarten and pay for your sons school supplies and his clothes for college this summer session you would be broke too.

I need to sell those cars and put the money away for my sons expenses not covered my HOPE/PELL or VA

So yes I am broke, no joke.

i did 70% of the upstairs finishing and basement remodel myself along with my son and uncle who came and helped me in exchange for tractor work.

The projector was bought at public auction, the reclining seats and sound system for 70% off on clearance at a rental center, all like new.

The TV is $200 per month on credit because my eyes are bad and the big screen makes the tv clearer for me. I take money from what I sell each month to make that payment.

everything in the basement storm room cost me$340 or so off of craigslist.

the gameroom items were years of collecting video game consoles just to rebuild a few, i got them at a public auction of storage bins for about $500 including the game tables and jukebox, i bought a storage bin that was unpaid.
was going to sell it all but decided to build a gameroom.

My computers i hand built and upgraded over the years, my current systems ar old dual core pentium 4's with upgrades to more and faster memory, pcie video cards and soundcards I bought used at a computer shop and $40 motherboards to support the devices,

I slaved in a computer shops backroom stripping out parts from older equipment and salvaged equipment in exchange for what i needed. save for the motherboards.

the cases and monitors are 4 years old save 1 monitor which is mine and is an led/lcd panel which I bought on open box special for$68 plus tax.

the library and radio collection has been in the works since i was 8 years old and could solder or push a lawnmower or drive a tractor through a peach orchard pulling peach wagons and then peanut wagons for my uncle who contracted with the farms around here.

I am financially embarrassed as they say.

I sold all my other hobbies to pay for my radios to talk on. i have not the health to continue working on cars.

I have ignored my health to do all this and now i am paying the price.

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Post by rocketsci2001 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:29 am

talking about expenses, i planted a big garden with free fencing I got in a deal around it and fertilised it with free manure and rotten sawdust. and lawn deris i put there last fall and winter.

plus 2 big bags of fertiliser all plowed under and ready to plant with my tractor and my hoe, shovel and 2 hands, my son and wife helped,

but I did the bulk of the watering and care of the plants as they painted the walls in the house the correct colors after all these years and it looks professional.

I planted the garden and i weeded it and i have been harvesting squash and tomatoes this week as i planted early. and used plants I potted in the basement under sunlight bulbs until the weather was good to plant.

I also get vegetables and fruits from my uncle and 2 sisters gardens and orchards and vines..

i already have plum jelly, frozen and canned tomatoes and squash and I am already making pickles while i write this, did the peach preserves this morning while packaging a gentlemans order doubleboxed and bubblewrapped.

the jars i saved over 12 years and bought new rings and seal lids in febuary.

i found most at flea markets, and yard sales , alot my mother gave me and the biggest jars i got off side the road from people that move away, all 48 of them along with some 30 odd pint jars in the bunch.

So to survive i have to produce money and food. We cut firewood from tree debris these last 3 years where they cut the sweetgums and pines off the property and sold it to finish the house.

i burned the dry pine with some not so dry oak and sweetgum and cut and stacked with my sons help about 2 dozen truckloads of firewood small enough not to need splitting and sold it . i bought 300 gallons each winter of propane gas with the money and some chimney logs to kep it clean. I fill the tank early fall and top it off again around december 1st.

I own the tank so i can shop around for the best price on propane gas.

So yes i have to survive, nothing comes easy for me, i have to think hard and work hard and i am disabled and doing this against doctors advice to provide for my family.

I see nothing funny or strange about it.

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Post by rocketsci2001 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:37 am

Also it's not financially well off when you have to pay what i pay compared to what i take in, we do not get vacations nor do we go out to eat often unless we are on the road for a reason.

We do not go to town unless we have more than 1 reason to be there, cars wear out and gas is not cheap, nor are brakes and tires and oil changes and tuneups which i do in the driveway myself.

I take my oil to the autoshop who sells it to a recycler.

everything else goes into barrels with holes to drain the water in them to be sold for scrap.

even cans, wire and metals we save and recycle for money here.

So do not say i am well off if i drink water cold from my cooler and not a cold coke on the road to save money.

I eat the 99cent value meals to and from the hospitol and only have Chinese buffet or Ryans lunch buffet once a month

So now tell me i am well off.

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Post by W4LTD » Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:03 am

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Post by rocketsci2001 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:26 pm

How did you know i love Woody woodpecker,

i love all those old cartoons, didn't know they were on Youtube.

i have had fun watching them while eating lunch.

thanks for the heads up.


Sean Ross

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Post by localjunkpeddler » Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:09 pm

I'll bet "Looney Tunes" was also very high on your list as well!! ,...
de Lee :roll:
"Always drink upstream of the herd"

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Post by rocketsci2001 » Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:08 pm

You got it. :)