Another Scammer..The real G0RIF is not involved

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Another Scammer..The real G0RIF is not involved

Post by KM5FL » Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:16 pm

Just a heads up.. I have a WTB ad on ths site and a person claiming to be Dean Barnes G0RIF replied claiming to have the component. Since the person's emaill address didn't match the one listed on the QRZ database coupled with all the scammers hijacking UK callsigns, I figured I'd better check.. Sure enough, the real G0RIF wasn't the person contacting me..

EDIT: I think everybody should know this scumbag's email address. The one he's currently using is

Please, anyone receiving a reply from anyone claiming UK callsign, check the validity before you do any business with that person. It's a real shame that we have to scrutinize before we enter into a business deal with the fine folks across the pond..

Nick, KM5FL

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Recieved this today.

Post by N8ERM » Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:01 pm

--- On Thu, 4/26/12, Dean G0RIF <no> wrote:

From: Dean G0RIF <no>
Subject: RE: QTH.COM Ad -- WTB, IC-7000 W/SEP KIT...
To: "Terry N8ERM" <n8erm>
Cc: "Dean G0RIF" <nodecafff>
Date: Thursday, April 26, 2012, 11:43 AM

Dear Terry N8ERM,

You have received a response to your ad, titled "WTB, IC-7000 W/SEP KIT", that you have running on the QTH.COM Free Ham Radio Classified Ads.

BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER, you are highly encouraged to:
1) Read our Safe Trading Tips at
2) Check our Feedback Forum at to see if the person you are about to deal with has any good or bad feedback from previous dealings.

The response is from:

Name: Dean
Callsign: G0RIF

The response is:

I have Icom-IC-7000 for sale. ... -7000.html

For your reference, here is a copy of the ad you are responding to:

Listing Number: 987779
Date Ad was Placed: 04/26/12
Name: Terry
Phone Number: 517-882-5219
Callsign: N8ERM
Category: RADIOHF
Heading: WTB, IC-7000 W/SEP KIT
Ad Message:
I am willing to pay $900.00 paypal for this radio including shipping to my QTH. it MUST be in great condition, come with OEM shipping container and not been near tobacco smoke. It must also have the separation kit also.
Terry N8ERM

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