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Some Seller - sigh....

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 11:02 pm
by W9BKR
Bought a radio off a chap, won't bother at this point to put his K7 call off QTH to it, radio gets here and lo and behold no power cord. No mention in posting of "oh, BTW, THERE IS NO POWER CORD WITH IT" I get the radio, email him, hey where did you put the power cord...response..there isn't will have to purchase one...", another $30 for the correct gage and molex type cord.. what a rip off and what a seller....never bought a DC operated radio w/o the power cord unless someone told me they did not have it or could not find it...sigh..shake of the head back and forth...used the excuse that he didn't post it with a cord. So, who knows..never sold one or bought one without ordered a $30 plus proper gage and power handling cord for it.... :shock: