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Unknown scammer

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:32 pm
by klingon1
On March 19th I entered into an agreement with for a radio. On March 20th I started receiving emails from him (I thought) about how to make payment. He asked us to paypal his brother-in-law as he had no paypal account. What I didn't realize is that the email had changed from (the real person) to the scammer: He instructed me to select Friends and Family on paypal. We found out that we have no recourse with paypal if that selection is made. Thinking we were dealing with the right person we sent the money. On March 29th I figured out that there was a problem. I finally made contact with the correct Mr. Cline via telephone . He knew of no one named Asklund.
He and I worked together and I have my radio, but have been out twice the amount due to the scam. Unfortunately our bank was no recourse for us because we paid it as a bank check. Mr. Cline can validate this story if needed. We wanted to make you aware of this p.asklund is scamming people thru your website.