K9BOJ Scammed

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K9BOJ Scammed

Post by pchboj » Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:12 pm

Apparently someone is scamming myself and my buyers.
I have several items for sale on QRZ and QTH

This scammer creates an email address similar to mine and then begins an email conversation with the new buyer. He instucts them to senf a PayPal payment to the false adress. When received he then apparently deletes the account. I am told by the victim that PayPal is investigating.

My email is pchummel@gmail.com..... the FALSE ADRESS is pchuummel@gmail.com (Note the double u.)

Here's what we need to do if you are buying any K9BOJ Items.

1- Communicate as normal on email...
2- I will create a secure link to my account with a certain "code" you provide me. (Any combination of numbers and letters)
3- I will then send you a secure Link for PayPal containing that code. ONLY respond for Payment to this link.

CHECK the SPELLING of all destinations addressing. One letter off can capture your payment!!!!

I trust this will help us to avoid this scammer who is pretending to be me.

Anothe email he had been using is nunnu@nunnuk.com.

Take care and look out for this dishonest jerk!

73, K9BOJ

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