Ongoing eBay Scams For Baofeng HT's

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Ongoing eBay Scams For Baofeng HT's

Post by W0HJW » Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:47 pm

Hi All,

I just wanted to alert everyone that there are multiple (40+) scams going on right now on eBay for Baofeng UV-5R's and Baofeng BF-888 handi-talkies. These HT's are not expensive - the going price for a UV-5R is about $30-$40 and for the BF-888 is about $15.

There are multiple listings now for UV-5R's for $9.99 (some are even for TWO units for $9.99). There are also multiple listings now for BF-888's for under $5 (the best I found was TWO units for $3.73). Some showed a seller in China but most showed sellers in the U.S. with ZERO Seller Feedback and the seller was only an eBay member for a week or two. There were also some obviously hijacked inactive sellers that look legitimate but are not.

Since it is eBay I guess PayPal will be eating the cost because more than 500 buyers have already fallen for these scams. IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE - IT IS!!!

73, Harold W0HJW

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