K6BJR Hijacked?

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K6BJR Hijacked?

Post by W3WN » Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:49 pm

I'm currently looking around for an HF amp that I can afford, 160 - 10, about 500-600 W out (SB-200 class, but with 160). My friend Bill W3WH forwarded to me an add on QTH.COM for an Ameritron 811H for $550, including shipping, which is in my price range... but almost a little too good to be true. Potential red flag.

So I email the gentleman for more information, and this is the response I get:

"Hi Ron,
How are you? Thanks for your response to my Add placement. Yes the Amp is still very much available. It is in excellent working condition, 10-160 Meters. It does 600 Watts DC out with 45 Watts drive to it. You can drive it with 100 Watt radio, there are no known issues with this amplifier. I m not interested in any trades.

I bought this amp in 2014 but don't use it enough to justify keeping it. the manual and box included. Kindly get back to me with your shipping info so that i can arrange for shipment and forward you my account info for payment.


Fred, K6bjr"

The English just doesn't feel right, almost like someone speaking in a different language (red flag). It doesn't really tell me anything. That last sentence about shipping info & account info? Wait a sec, I haven't agreed to buy it yet. (another red flag)

The email address says the name of the sender is "Rex Fredrick" with an email of rex.federick122@gmail.com. (another red flag) That name doesn't match the FCC name on the call. And on further inspection, the ad was posted by "G R Frederick", which DEFINITELY doesn't match the call.

E-mail was sent to me just before 8 AM. Which means that IF it was sent from the coast, this person is at best a very early riser. Seems kind of strange though, doesn't it?

An internet search shows that the call goes back to the early 1960's at least. Which makes me really wonder about who's behind this ad.

And the final kicker... a search on QTH.COm for recent ads from this call shows this:

RADIOVHF - FOR SALE: Ameritron 811-H I have an Ameritron 811-H in a very good physical and working condition.
Comes in original box with all accessories. I'm the original owner and was purchased 4/2014. Shipped to your address and insured. $550
Fred. K6bjrListing #1297703 - Submitted on 11/25/16 by Callsign K6BJR, Modified on 11/27/16 - IP: Here to Email -- Click Here to View Picture -- Send this Ad to a Friend

I have an Alinco DR-610 for sale. I'm the first owner, It is in excellent working condition - It came with all the accessories which include : Microphone, power cable, manuals etc. I am asking $250 plus shipping. Photos are seen below. Let me know if you are interested.
Rex k6bjrListing #1297678 - Submitted on 11/25/16 by Callsign K6BJR - IP: Here to Email -- Click Here to View Picture -- Send this Ad to a Friend

Now why would someone use one first name on one ad, and a different first name on another?

So I think we have a hijacked call here.

Or am I just being paranoid?

Incidentally, just as I started typing this, I asked Bill for his opinion...

...and in case anyone has any doubts about my sanity, which there are plenty of in other circumstances, I believe that if it looks like skunk, walks like a skunk, and smells like a skunk, I'm not going to wait around to get sprayed and find out for certain that it IS a skunk...

...and his reply, which just came through, was "Walk no run away from it. You might also share your concern with KA9FOX." (Which I have done) So I don't think I'm being paranoid. Still, I'm curious as to other's opinions.

And if anyone DOES know K6BJR, he might need to be made aware of this.

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Re: K6BJR Hijacked?

Post by N7KR » Thu Dec 08, 2016 7:01 pm

Last week I was also contacted by someone claiming to be Fred Frederick W6BJR in El Cajon, CA wanting to sell me a PW-1 for $2600 + shipping.

He was good, coming across as an old man who had been very sick & was selling to pay off medical expenses. He was so was so good I completely dropped my guard & didn't even look up call sign K6BJR on QRZ.

I proceeded to arrange a wire transfer to his son Jain Rex Frederick of Jains Custom Painting as was requested.
Fortunately the Bank Manager intervened fearing it was a scam based on communique I had received from Fred & his son. We decided to delay the transfer until I contacted bank with Go Ahead the next day after I did some research.

I tried to call Fred but he would never talk to me direct and referred me to his son Jain.
When I called Jain, it would always go to a strange answering saying something a bout a referral for test message or something?? When this Jain did call me ( he had a rough Mexican accent ), the connection was very poor, took repeated calls
& at one point this Jain even accused me of having poor cell connection.
When I final did look up K6BJR on QRZ it showed Frederick J Green in Oakland, CA....???

The final straw for me was when I pushed very hard on this Fred & Jain to send pictures of the PW-1 serial number on the Icom Box & on the unit they didn't respond.
So fortunately for me, I was able to cancel the wire transfer & a give a Big Thanks, to my Banks's Manager. I have all the phone numbers, Jains bank info, etc .

This whole episode went on last week, and out of the blue I get a email from Jain saying he is turning me over to the FBI for submitting a counterfeit Wire Transfer document. LOL, this guy has Big Kahunas.

I have all the phone numbers & & account number for this scammer if you need it.

In little over a 7 day period I had 5 scammers respond to my Ad for WTB an Icom PW-1 on Eham & QTH classifieds. These guys are everywhere, typically praying on anyone putting up an Ad for something. They all know the Ham community tends to be easy target late middle aged to the very elderly. Keep your guard up, don't buy any high priced item if seller won’t speak with you, do a scam search for their call, demand s/n pictures both on the item & its shipping box, etc. rgds, N7KR

Here is another input about K6BJR in Ham Island Forums:
https://forums.hamisland.net/showthread ... o-Paranoid

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Re: K6BJR Hijacked?

Post by N9CM » Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:46 pm

Glad your got "wise" before something happened....I hate stuff like that and I seem to run into the same or similar issues off QTH.

Wish there were a way to nab these clowns...

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