Possible Scammer va3wak

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Possible Scammer va3wak

Post by w4sox » Thu May 26, 2016 3:40 pm

I saw a Flex 6300 + ATU here for 2000.00 When I reached out to Bradley Jones about payment this is what I got back


I will prefer payment to my Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) account, as i am just recovering from a recent hip surgery which neccesiate the use of an appropriate vehicle and the help of someone...i am currently on a wheel chair and can't do much. My daugther (Lorraine) has been the one helping me and she will be shipping the package to you on my behalf, i hope that won't be a problem for you? If this is OK by you, then we can proceed and you can forward your shipping address so I can make shipping arrangement.

Here is the account details:
Lorraine Billows
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Account Number: ##########
Routing Number: ##########
Transit Number: 01772-003

73, Bradley"

Refused to use paypal then when I walked away he lowered the price to $1800.00 way too low for a Flex 6300

If Im wrong im sorry but man this screams scam. Seems I cant find a good used 6300 just gonna pony up 2700.00 for a new one


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