Don't deal with this person. Does not tell the truth.

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Don't deal with this person. Does not tell the truth.

Post by greg3942 » Mon Apr 05, 2021 11:03 pm

I wonder why when I just had dealings with Mr. Darrayle Williams, WW2BLS that I got a IC-781 from him that doesn't receive or transmit? I sent him a perfectly good Ten-Tec Jupiter that operated as it should in a trade with him. I have done everything to try to get the IC-781 to work including a factory reset without any luck. I called him and let him know the radio did not work as it should. I finally got him to answer my calls and he stated that the 781 worked as it should before he sent it to me.
I wonder why when all I did was unpack the radio, connect it up to power and my antenna that it doesn't have any receive/transmit capabilities?
If I am doing something wrong in trying to get this radio to work then I will publicly issue another statement here stating that I was in the wrong in not knowing how to set up a transceiver to work as it should. Mr. Williams is not at home now and won't be for another 2 days. I wonder why he said he would send me another 781 that he states will work although he previously stated the receive was low in volume on that rig and this rig was suppose to be operating 100 percent?
I would caution anyone trying to deal with this person to be very careful and be difficult to believe all that he tells you. I also have been through the troubleshooting part of the owners manual to try to get this radio to work without any success.
De Greg Fisher, we5gnf

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Re: Don't deal with this person. Does not tell the truth.

Post by W5NNX » Tue Apr 06, 2021 4:12 pm

Might check that the timer button isn't engaged. Ran into that on my TS-940s from time to time. GL

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