Someone claiming to be W2OT

For reports of scammers using other people's callsigns. Remember that any callsigns listed in this forum are likely innocent bystanders (subjects of identity theft) and, thus, are probably not guilty of anything. For bad transactions with verified ham operators, use the Feedback Forum instead.
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Someone claiming to be W2OT

Post by w5zib » Mon Jun 10, 2019 1:27 pm

I had someone claiming to be "Marty" reply to 2 items I have listed FS on QTH. The emails were sent from ""
and an IP search shows they originated in NJ. W2OT hails from Cincinnati and has a completely different email address posted on
QRZ. I asked whomever this was to stop all contact with me. FWIW, 73

Chris KC5IIE

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Re: Someone claiming to be W2OT

Post by N8VZ » Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:01 pm

Had the same experience with this scammer yesterday. Using same bogus email from NJ, for a ham who lives in Cincinnati. He’s also typically semi-literate and writes in incomplete and run on sentences with poor punctuation. I’ve found in the past that that’s often the case with these low-life types, it’s often a good first clue that something may be amiss. — Carl
Carl J. Denbow

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