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Post by N4MAV » Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:18 pm

I have been trying for months to get Eric K7ELJ to return my phone calls and he has refused all efforts to make this go away.
What happened:
I saw an add for some LMR-600 for a decent price and he was willing to trade for an HT of some sort. I offered my Kenwood TH-F6A triband HT with the serial number of 60800136, with the programming cable, extra battery, AAA battery case, and Diamond antenna tri band. Now I have did receive some "Wilson? 400 coax?" from him and he said he must have mixed up the boxes? OK, it happens. He did get back in touch with me saying he can't seem to get hold of the guy with the LMR-600. So I waited for awhile and nothing. Called him back and he still can't get hold of the guy but he didn't have the cash to replace the LMR-600. I told him to just send the HT back, but he hasn't to this date. It started in March of 2016 by the way or at least that is the earliest email I have of our conversations. I emailed him pictures and he said it was all good to go ahead and send it. So like a dumb a$$ I did. Then the nightmare began! It has now been what, a year and 5 months of off and on talking to him. I last called him in June and he was at a different job from the "farm" he was working night shift at. At first he said his wife had not gone to the post office to ship, but she would tomorrow. Then the mixup happened. I should have known right off the bat when he said he could not ship right away due to his working nights and needing to sleep during the day. He sounded young so I gave him the benefit of the doubts, we have all been there. However, everything I have tried to just send me $300 bucks has failed to this point. So take this as an object lesson and we will go from there. WHile I can little afford to lose either the HT or the $300 I guess after writing this up I had to await for a call back from a detective from the County he is supposed to live in. I guess we will see if he goes to court or jail I will be happy or if he just sends me to the money I will drop all of this.
Thanks for listening to my ramble and take it as what it is meant to be. Either a warning or or advisement. I'd even take payments from him if he wants to make this right. I don't know, maybe $100 a month would satisfy me I guess.

Russ Abbey, N4MAV
Floyd County, Virginia

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Re: BEWARE of Eric K7ELJ

Post by N4URW » Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:53 pm

Good luck with this. I had a very similar case happen to me and I was told that I would have to contact law enforcement in my county and have them contact law enforcement in his county. Wasn't worth all of the trouble. Cost me $200.00 and I lost a scanner. But I did find out that the guy was in the Texas National Guard. Called his commanding officer and I actually had him kicked out of the Texas National Guard. Anyway, good luck. Since then I have been very careful who I deal with. Pays to do your homework when dealing with someone. First I always check and see if they have feedback on QTH or QRZ. Second, Paypal has been my friend.

Joel McDonald, MSgt, USAF Retired
N4URW, Palm Bay FL

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