"This is a Heavy Radio and I will not ship"

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"This is a Heavy Radio and I will not ship"

Post by K4ICL » Fri Jun 11, 2004 3:59 pm

"This is a Heavy Radio and I will not ship"

"Pick up only!"

How many times have we seen this? Being unwilling to ship reduces the potential market by about 98 percent. This means you are willing to attract only two potential buyers out of every one hundred possibilities! Pretty severe.

Question: Why not?

Too much hassel--there are packing services available in most cities and towns. Take the rig to them and walk away. Of course, the cost ,has to be agreed to up front and borne by the buyer. Isn't this better than not being able to sell the rig because of shipping issues? (If the buyer does not agree to the cost, fine, you still have all of the other potential buyers...)

It really is heavy--if UPS won't take it just about any truck freighter will. I have used Old Dominion truck lines with great success. There are many others. Call them and they will come and get it. They will even pack it for you if need be. Again, all of this is charged to the buyer, per advanced agreement.

Getting estimates is a real bother--have the buyer do it. Give him your address, the size of the package (W x L x H in inches) , the weight of the package, and the amount it should be insured for and let him have at it. You can always verify his estimates prior to committing to selling/shipping at his estimated costs.

Buyers won't want to pay the high cost to ship--sometimes true, but give then a chance to say no. If they really want what you are selling, shipping costs, usually, will not get in the way.

There are times when shipping some items really does not make sense. Who wants to pay $140 to ship a used monoband HF beam assembly with a selling price of $135? These situations are fairly rare, though.

Just a thought...

Happy hamming!


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