I Hate UPS

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I Hate UPS

Post by W3WN » Mon May 03, 2010 4:38 pm

My Omni VI+ was due to be delivered by UPS today.

My wife happens to have the day off, so she's home. Has been all morning.

She finds a UPS Tag on our storm door around noon. Delivery allegedly attempted at 11:38 AM, no one was home, so they "delivered package to neighbor(?)"

And this with her in the kitchen at the time, and the front door open. She would have heard a knock. The dog never made a sound either, and she ALWAYS reacts to a knock on the door.

Neighbors? The one house downhill is vacant (new owner is still remodelling), the other one uphill never saw or heard anything... and there are no houses across the street.

So I call UPS's main Customer Service line, finally get to a human being. Seems the tag was incorrect, the rig was not delievered anywhere. So he put in a "complaint" that will be forwarded to the local office. I may hear something in an hour... I'm supposed to, at least.

The wife works tomorrow through the rest of the week. So delivery tomorrow isn't an option. My choices are now to have them hold it at the depot (which is in a rather run down unsafe neighborhood) and go get it myself, or try and have them reroute the delivery to work... I'll have the rig, but then I have to get it home. On a commuter train? Oh, fun.

I hate UPS.

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