Shipping to Canada

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Bill Caldwell
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Shipping to Canada

Post by Bill Caldwell » Fri Nov 14, 2003 12:43 am

I have never purchased any equipment on the internet, but recently have been interested in acquiring a good HF amplifier.

I am concerned that most of the sellers are in the USA and don't want to bother shipping to Canada.

Can someone advise me of the process, cost, and any conserns the seller and buyer may have.

How do I succsessfully purchase an HF amplifier and have it shipped to me in Canada, about 15 miles from the US border, near Niagara Falls?

Bill Caldwell
Bill Caldwell
St Catharines, Ontario

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Some Observations

Post by K4ICL » Fri Nov 14, 2003 1:32 pm


Your preception is correct. Some US hams prefer not to ship to Canada. I have seen the following concerns voiced in the past few years:

BUYING from Canadian Hams:

Takes too long to recieve package...
Costs more to have items sent from Canada...
Canada does not honor US Postal Money Orders...
There is no way to enforce fraud laws if such sould occur...

SELLING to Canadian Hams...

Some Canadians want US shipper to declare value less than actual; this is called fraud in this country and is a felony. Fortunately, this is a rare request!

I shipped to and from Canada with little problems. If you buy an amp from the US, you can expect delays due to customs. Otherwise, it is a normal transaction. Ship via UPS and you can determine costs etc. using their web site (

BE SURE to have your Amp properly packaged and made ready for shipment and be sure to insure for it value plus 20%. There are some packing guidelines elsewhere on this forum.

Good luck on finding the amp you want.


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