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Post by wr0t » Thu Oct 16, 2003 2:28 am

I have had quite a rash of lost, damaged or pilfered packages lately thru the USPS.

In confering with different post offices lately, I have found out something very interesting. Some companies, and a lot on Ebay that mail their products are not really taking them to a PO. They electronicly transmit the data to the PO and the packages are picked up by a contract carrier and then delivered to a consolidator and then taken to a post office for delivery.

THE USPS has NO responsibility for the package what so ever until it is actually delivered to a PO for distribution.

A tracking number really means nothing unless it actually comes from a PO. The tracking numbers on bulk shipments are assigned by the shipper...

Due to this information, I refuse to have anything shipped to me nor will I ship anything via the USPS. I have lost over 200.00 in the last 3 weeks due to packages being opened and some or all of the contents removed that I have shipped.

Just be careful, and your results may be different. Almost all of the pilfered and/or lost packages were coming from the West Coast....

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Shipping UPS, FDX, DHL...vs USPS

Post by kc6vlg » Thu Oct 30, 2003 10:10 pm

See my post on the same subject at the "Safe Trading Tips Forum".

You are correct about the information on the consolidators but this mail are from large commercial firms (Amazon, Harry and David, JC Penny) and not for guys like us and the common public.

Many packages are pilferage long before they arrived at the Post office. Many consolidators employ employees with minimal back ground check if any. They are usually paid with minimum wages (not to say that minimum wage workers are all bad). Post office minimum wage starts at $9/hour for temps in the bay area. This is not to say that the PO has no bad employees. These folks go through vigorous back ground check that includes drug testing along with physical check. Any blemish found will disqualify the employee on the spot.

The PO also prosecutes thieves caught stealing or purposely damaging the mail. This is no slap on the wrist. Conviction for such offenses carries greater consequenses for future employment elswhere. It is a Federal Felony conviction that will be in the individual's record for life. It is also considered to be a "strike" in California's 3 strikes law. The best UPS or FDX guys can do in the same is terminating the individual's employment.

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Opened Packages ETC

Post by WT4J » Sat Dec 29, 2007 2:50 am

This is just another in along list of many stories I have read involving the Postal Contractors.. If you ship by USPS , take the package to the post office in person and always insure it to your self and send it priority mail. It will cost a bit more but it will get to the person to whom it is sent in one piece. I purchased an item and requested it be shipped priority , insured and I would pay for the shipping. It contained a 3-500Z and got smashed and and I lost S230.00. because it picked up by a postal contractor. Never again....
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Post by kp3s » Wed Feb 27, 2008 6:42 am

I never had any problems with USPS but did had a couple with UPS, I send all my trading or sold items with good Ol'Pone Express. They have a good service, I either go to the post office myself or give the package to the mailman when he comes in the morning. If the item is his expensive I take it to the post office and get the insurance with signature confirmation. All the item I send or received in about 3-5 days. I just dont understand when some people have some problems with the USPS, but it can happen with any carrier. If we dont use the USPS then we are going to loose it and then we may have to deal with a private company like UPS or FEDEX. I believe some of our politicians have tryied to close the USPS and let the private companies take over the mail system, that would be a big mistake. Just my 2 cents anyway.
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Post by VE3TMT » Tue Jun 03, 2008 3:50 am

I ordered a 2m loop from KA4UB and was supposedly shipped on the 17th or 18th of May. I also paid the extra $20 for "priority" shipping. As of June 2nd still no package and no tracking number has been provided.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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