Lost In The Mail

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Lost In The Mail

Post by k5jn » Sat Jun 02, 2007 1:04 am

Folks... I meant to say the seller did receive my payment all OK and
he then lost all my shipping info both from my emails and my letter.
The headset shipment to me was what was lost.
I didn't make that clear at all.
73 Ralph K5JN
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Re: Lost In The Mail

Post by wa4cch » Sat Jun 02, 2007 3:28 am

k5jn wrote:I send payment for a headset and the seller is claiming it was lost in the mail.
Shipping was delayed some since he lost my emails and my letter with my address.
I had to call after 2 weeks to find that out.
Personally, I have used the mail a lot over the years and never lost anything...maybe it was slow at times but always delivered.
But I am interested in knowing how often that might happen if you've had the same problem.
The ham I bought from has a good reputation on this site so I am not naming him.
I'm just interested in knowing others experience with lost mail if you'd like to comment.
It appears I am out $103 on this one.
73's all...Ralph K5JN

well i had one lost in 2006 and another this year 2007 tracers were put on both and my money was refunded by the usps as no one ever tried to cash them but it did tie my money up for about 60 days and to top it off one credit card payment was lost too maby i just had a run of bad luck oh i forgot about the ic-740 i traded for and it went to nh and then to me in fl

8) 73 chuck

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Post by kb9vxq » Sat Jun 02, 2007 3:32 am

Ralph I personally haven't had anything lost in the mail and I've done at least 300 transactions. But I only started buying and selling over the internet about 3-4 yrs. ago and right away I saw where a few guys said that happened to them so when I send something via post office I always spend the extra .50 cents for delivery confirmation. That way you have proof that they got it and if they didn't you have some way to track it.

BTW: How did you pay? Money order, check, etc.. Is there any way to cancel out the payment and get your money back. I've read with postal money orders it takes awhile but you can get your money back.

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K5JN (Lost in the Mail)

Post by W5YMB » Sat Jun 02, 2007 3:33 am

I have had two (outgoing, from me) Postal Money Orders lost in the Mail, " courtesy " of the of the U. S. Postal System .

Their policy is to wait two Months before they will even begin an Inquiry .

On top of that, they will charge a Service Fee for the Inquiry of approximately $ 3.50 to $ 3.75 .

This expecially hurts the purchaser of the Money Order if the amount of the Money Order was in the hundreds of dollars (how about five or six hundred dollars, or more ?) .

(That means that your Money will be tied-up for two Months, or more) .

Since this " bad experience " with the Postal System, I have asked Sellers to accept my Personal Check, after explaining my prior experiences with the Postal System, in regard to mailing Money Orders .

Fortunately, the vast majority of the Sellers have shown consideration and have allowed me to purchase with Personal Checks .

For those Sellers who still insist on Money Orders, if the purchase price is in the hundreds of dollars, I will simply forget the transaction, remembering my " bad experience " with the Postal System .

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Post by NR9R » Sat Jun 02, 2007 5:33 am

I had the same experience. Here is an email quote from the seller who's item went missing:

I am trying to sell more HAM stuff to replace your 75.00....I found I
have lost another thing....at the same place....

I will try to hurry....

Sorry for the problem....

and inconvience...

and you're loss of the tuner. I did try really tried....to have you as a
happy customer...sorry this has been a pain...
Maybe your item is from the same seller?

Interestingly, while I tried to maintain good communication with this gentleman, I later received another email with a slightly different tone:
Ok here is the deal..I will let you know on record..I will send you the 75.00 this friday......I am going to send you a M/O...and send it registered and insured...that way it will get to you...and that way I know you got it and I will make sure you will get it and I have never had a problem sending things....plus I am not here to rip you off...and s$@t happens with the mail...and you take your chances like it says on the arrl website...again I did send it...the part is my fault for not sending it right and packaging it right...then you should have told me how you wanted it shipped...again I assumed...so when I send it...that way it would be in your hand..and you saying it never arrived...and if I did send it the regular way..I can trace it...so it goes both ways....I am not here to f&$k you over..but I apologized....I still say you got it...that is my opinion....but I have principles....and my word is is what it is....it taught me a lesson...again that is my opinion....
I don't know why he suddenly believed that I had received the item and was scheming to receive my money back anyway. How strange.....

In the end, I did receive the package. It was post marked April 24 and I received it on May 19. The package was sent priority mail. My original payment took 3 days to get there via standard first class mail. I don't know what causes such a delay but it happened to me so I would give it some time.\


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Lost In The Mail

Post by kk9a » Sat Jun 02, 2007 6:46 pm

It is certainly possible for your payment to have been lost in the mail, however you are only out $103 if you sent cash. If you sent a money order or a check you can stop payment on it and receive most of your money back. You claim shipping was delayed because he lost your emails and letter. If he did not receive your check, he probably did not receive your letter and why would he ship without payment? Perhaps he was just patently waiting for your check for two weeks and the lost payment was not obvious until you called. Unless there are some red flags that were not mentioned, you can resend your payment and get the headset.

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