Fedex and UPS Shipping to Alaska

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Fedex and UPS Shipping to Alaska

Post by kl7fz » Wed Feb 08, 2006 12:47 am

Did you know that both Fedex and UPS ground services for Alaska FLY the packages up and down? True! For all of you that thought the stuff was driven up a long bumpy road, IT AIN'T TRUE! It is flown between AK and the lower 48. (OK, OK, towers are trucked)
Isn't that special?!
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Shipping to AK

Post by K4JC » Thu Sep 28, 2006 12:53 am

Earlier this year I shipped a radio to a ham in Alaska. Not in a main city such as Juneau, but to a town on the Kenai Peninsula. I shipped it from Florida via USPS regular First Class Mail. It arrived at the ham's home in Alaska in TWO DAYS! And it cost the same as shipping to anywhere in the CONUS because Alaska is part of the USA! Yep, postage to AK, HI and any US territory is the same as the lower 48. And the flat rate Priority Mail boxes make it even easier (the "fit all you can in the box for one shipping rate" kind.) Knowing that, go ahead...sell your stuff to hams in Alaska or Hawaii (or Guam or Puerto Rico or wherever.) They'll really appreciate it.

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