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Post by w8jn » Sat Dec 17, 2005 1:37 pm

They looked at it, inspected it, accepted it, destroyed it and now they have to pay? Nawwwwwww dont kid yourself..... they will do as they please. Be ready to fight for yourself!!!!!!!
1. Shipped a ft-1000d to Mark in Phoenix
2. Placed it in a new icom7800 shipping box with 5 additional layers of shipping cardboard and 4 additional inches of peanuts
3. Arrived at the Fed Ex hub in Cincinnati Customer counter with the packing "Open for inspection"
4. Fully inspected by the Fed Ex agents prior to shipping and then sealed at Fed Ex.
5. Fed Ex dropped it off of a truck face down and did significant damage to the box and rig.
6. Call tag was issued , rig was picked up in Phoenix, taken to Fed Ex for inspection and the Phoenix Fed Ex inspectors approved the packing, contacted Cincinnati and they confirmed the condition prior to shipping.
7. As requested, proof of value was sent to Fed Ex claim adjusters along with pictures of damage.
8. Pay the claim? naw.... here is where the stonewalling begins!!!!!
9. Fed EX "Did you sell this equipment"
10. Me "yes"
11. Fed Ex "Send us your business name and license"
12. Me "What does that have to do with you destroying my equipment "
13. Fed Ex "Send us information about where you advertised the equipment"
14. Me "ok I just sent it, will you now pay the claim.
15. Fed Ex "Yes we will pay the claim"
16. next day Fed Ex "Send us proof of what your receiver paid for the equipment".
17 Me " What does that have to do with you paying a legitimate claim for my quipment that you inspected all along the way?"
18. Fed Rx "Page 199 of our tarrifs"
19. ME "What if I gave it away... that does not change the value and I sent you proof of value and your people inspected it prior to shipping.
20. Fed Ex.. "Its the rules.
21.Me " Read it to me"
22. Fed Ex "read read read"
23. You just made it up and lied. The rules you read said nothing of the sort.
24. Fed Ex " to bad!!!! have your customer send us proof of what he paid or you can take a hike".
25. Me "ok he will send you copies of the pmo . will that suffice?"
26. Fed Ex "yes"
28. Fed EX. "Ok we will pay, however we will pick up the salvage".
29. Me "WHOAAAAA the insurance will just cover the cost of repair!!!!"
30 Fed Ex "to bad.... take it or leave it.... or take less and keep the equipment."
31.... Final results.... settled for less than the insured amount to keep the rig and have it repaired.. TWO WEEKS OF SCREAMING AND YELLING WITH FED EX.
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Post by KC0UKR » Sat Dec 17, 2005 5:25 pm

I had a similar horror story with an expensive and large pair of speakers last year. They not only destroyed them but them tried to conceal that they had prior knowledge of this and had inspected the damage within the Fedex System.
The terminal where the claim is made has to pay for the claim so it is in their interest to hide the facts evidently.

I know this because I learned that they have an internal division whose job it is to deal with you against them in order to help the claims process.
It is the Customer Advocate T? (CAT)

Anyway after I got them involved by making noise until someone acted as of they cared,I was at long last paid the claim minus the addedclaimed value fees(just to piss me off I am sure).

It took 6 months but I would not drop it no matter what they told me.I ended up speaking to a V.P.'s secretary who turned it iver to the CAT desk and then things started happening.

I will not deal with them again and the others are really no better.
I had a run in with UPS also last year and they too paid the claim but only after major time and trouble on my end.

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Post by wa4cch » Sat Dec 17, 2005 7:52 pm

:idea: if you have a camera please take pictures as you pack your item and the condition of your item go step by step in the packing process ask the person receiving the package to do the same if there is damage save all packing materials if there is a hole or other obvious damage ask the driver to stand by while you open it some will and some won't but it doesen't hurt to ask if every one does this you can beat them if selling used equipment look in a few of the ham mags and catologs and copy the highest selling price so you can fight thier claim of price i know this takes a lot of time but do you want to lose money or not ....... buy the way it took me two years to settle claim with UPS

gud luck
73 chuck

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Post by w8jn » Sat Dec 17, 2005 11:44 pm

hey guys, thanks for all of the good advice. i am an experienced shipper and was aware of this in advance. they are self insured and will pay small claims for you to simply "go away" however this was my first claim with a piece of very expensive equipment. they took the stand from the beginning that they were going to "stonewall" me to see if i would get discouraged and go away. i ended up talking to the top dawg in memphis and i told her right from the git go that i was not going away, and i was going to be her daily headache. for an entire week i called her every hour on the hour until they agreed to pay the claim. i also told her that if she denied the claim i was turning it over to my attorney for litigation and the initial claim would seem like "chump change" compared to defending my claim against them in civil court. i guess the "lets wear him out and he will go away strategy came around to bite them! 73 paul w8jn

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