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Alert: TD Communications, W3PLC

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Alert: TD Communications, W3PLC

Postby K7LRB » Sun Jul 16, 2006 11:29 am

Dear fellow hams,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this review of TD Communications, Tim Davidson. I sent Tim an Icom 735 about eight months ago. He acknowledged receipt, reported the radio as being repaired and that it was ready to be sent back to me. During the first few months he reported family problems as one reason for delays in the repair.

On March 10, 2006 Tim sent me an email saying the radio was ready to go and the charges totalled $199.96.

On March 11, I sent a PayPal payment to Tim in the amount of $200.00. After several weeks he reported shipping the radio. After several more weeks and several inquiries by me, he reported that UPS had lost it but subsequently found it at their Harrisburg, PA facility. Finally, on May 4th I received this email from Tim:

'I have it, they sent it back here. I have to reship it back to you now.

73's Tim' (received May 4th)

Well folks, here it is in the middle of July and I still have not received my radio. Tim will not answer my emails, will not return my phone calls and one day when he (presumably by accident) answered the phone, he pretended not to hear me, 'Hello?.... hello?.... hello?' Click.

Of course there is a lot more to this than I care to post here but briefly; I had also sent Tim another rig which he said he could not repair due to unavailability of parts. Being this rig was an Index Labs, I completely understood this and he sent that rig back after about a year. He did not, however, send my original manual back with the Index Labs. He told me he forgot to put it in the box, but would put it in the box with the Icom. Of course, since I have not received my Icom, I have also not received my Index Labs manual. Suffice it to say that I have complete email history, so one need not take my word for any of this. Tim's own words tell the complete story and I will be happy to provide the full history of emails to anyone interested.

Some interesting, and revealing, facts come to mind. Tim sent along a tracking number when he returned the un-repaired Index Labs. However, he never supplied a tracking number for the shipment of the supposedly 'lost' Icom, even after several requests.

The bottom line is that I am out the cost of the rig and the payment to Tim for its 'repair', a total of approximately $500.00. Plus I am without my original Index Labs manual.

Here is the part I simply do not understand. I have done everything straight up as requested by Tim. I have been VERY understanding, and supportive, about his family problems which occurred early on in this ordeal and which he told me have since been resolved. Again, I can provide a complete email history of all this. I just don't understand why Tim has singled me out to cheat. If you read the email history you will not understand it either.

My primary reason for reporting this is simply to alert my fellow hams. It seems that Tim selects who he will treat fairly and who he will cheat. I am totally at a loss as to how he makes these decisions. Perhaps it is the distance, he is in PA and I am in AZ. Perhaps he feels he will never have to face me in person, an erroneous assumption on his part. All I am saying is that if you send a rig to Tim for repair, it is a crap shoot at best. Maybe you will join the others who he treats honorably, maybe not.

Should you decide to send him a rig, you might ask him about my little Icom 735. I would be interested in what he has to say since he won't talk to me. Remember, I have the history of his emails so you can see in his own words what has transpired.

I always do business with integrity and only expect the same from those with whom I do business. You can check out my feedback on eBay for k3tin (my old call-sign and eBay ID). I have sent radio equipment to other hams 'up front', before receiving any payment. I will be happy to provide names in a private email, provided they don't mind me giving them out. The point is, I have dealt fairly and honestly with Tim and I simply do not understand why he is doing this to me. It saddens me that a person, any person, has to cheat others in order to make a living.

A final comment, and Tim if you should read this, I hope that your family, specifically your Son, is doing well and that whatever problems have caused you to treat me like this will be resolved and that you prosper in your business. As always, I wish you well.


Larry Bailey, K7LRB
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More on TD Communications...

Postby K4ICL » Sun Jul 16, 2006 12:35 pm

Mr. Tim Davidson is a General Class license holder W3PLC. He held KA3PLC callsign as a Tech Plus license holder. The FCC data base lists him as:


His web site is http://www.tdcommunications.net

His email address is w3plc@aol.com

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Alert: TD Communications, W3PLC

Postby kk9a » Sun Jul 16, 2006 3:31 pm

TD Communications reviews are here: http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/3554?page=1 They have an interesting pattern.
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Postby W4PIG » Sun Jul 16, 2006 3:31 pm

hi larry hope you get this sitituation fixed. i sent him a email asking what was going on and that he needs to get this taken care of i would never send a radio to him thanks for the info this is what this site is for to warn other hams . i have been in your shoes lost money because of dishonest hams . all hams should send tim a email and ask what is going on !!!! 73s de w4pig
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